Vogue Goes Behind-The-Scenes at Dior Couture With Bella Hadid

International model Bella Hadid was recently signed on as Dior’s makeup ambassador, joining the esteemed ranks of celebrities such as actress Marion Cotillard and model Kate Moss.  … via JustLuxe.com JustLuxe: Fashion News

How To Talk About Money With The People You Love

Do you have one of those friends who is always forgetting their wallet at home? Or maybe a boyfriend or girlfriend who puts everything on a credit card? Any of those people you just want to take by the shoulders and shake for a while when it comes to what they’re doing with their money? […]

Banking On Trust

Let’s be honest, most people don’t trust banks any more, and that’s a problem. Coming out of the 2008 crisis people were angry, and rightfully so. Too many bankers cared only about filling their own pockets, regardless of the consequences or the risks. As a result, Americans paid a very heavy toll. While we have […]

Singapore Luxury Real Estate: Back to a Buyer’s Market

Singapore’s luxury real estate market has been experiencing some serious highs and lows over the past year and a half. In March of 2015 Japanese property developer Katsumi Tada made a record-setting loss of over US$ 11 million when he so… via JustLuxe.com JustLuxe: Luxury News and Reviews

5 Ways to Organize Your Next Fantastically Productive Business Trip

Business trips are necessary, an essential evil in our otherwise relaxed entrepreneurial lifestyle. Learn how to make your next one more productive than ever before. The post 5 Ways to Organize Your Next Fantastically Productive Business Trip appeared first on Biz Epic. Biz Epic