AI experts urge UN to prevent development of “killer robots”

Artificial intelligence experts, including Elon Musk, have sent a letter to the UN urging the organisation to prevent the development and use of “killer robots”. A total of 116 experts from across the world warned the UN that lethal autonomous weapons “threaten to become the third revolution in warfare.” The letter says: “Once developed, they […]

How Being An Immigrant Helped Me Become A Better CEO

America is known as a land of not just opportunity, but also as a center of entrepreneurial innovation and a magnet for talent Small Business and Small Business America

Three in four UK adults look for cash rewards before buying, survey finds

Research highlights challenges in rolling out an inventive programmeLondon, 16 August, 2017: Three in four Britons (75.8%) say they research cash rewards or incentives ahead of purchasing a home or garden appliance. However, a third of the UK said they had been put off taking advantage of an incentive or gift with purchase because of […]