Joe Lieberman Has a Predatory Loan Problem

When Joe Lieberman left the Senate in 2012, he pledged, “I’m not going to lobby. For sure.” But it seems like every politician says that and then does it anyway, right? “Yeah, I know,” he added. “Watch me.” If you kept watching for just a bit more than one year, you’d have seen Joe Lieberman […]

Four Under 40: The New Generation of Las Vegas Celebrity Chefs

Meet four young Executive Chefs who bring a degree of heightened sensitivity, design, and taste, and yes, whimsy, to the table.   … via JustLuxe: Luxury News and Reviews

Does Your Website Reflect Your Unique Selling Proposition?

There is more to designing a website than putting up something pretty. Your website needs to speak to your audience in a way that describes your business to them in the words they would use. It should reflect boldly your unique selling proposition (USP). What Is Your USP? This is something you and only you […]

Red Nose Day Arrives: Will Sports Step Up?

It’s not new globally but it is simple, easy to engage and not hard to understand. Will Red Nose Day, May 25, make it to success on this side of the pond as it has for 30 years in the UK? For those who have not seen the ads or watched the promotions especially across […]

Do Your Marketing Efforts Support Your Business Plan?

If your marketing efforts don’t match your business plan, you’re going to run into trouble. As you create your marketing plan, it’s important to refer to your business plan to ensure that you are living up to your vision, mission, goals and objectives. Your business plan should include the overall strategy for your business. This […]