Three in four UK adults look for cash rewards before buying, survey finds

Research highlights challenges in rolling out an inventive programmeLondon, 16 August, 2017: Three in four Britons (75.8%) say they research cash rewards or incentives ahead of purchasing a home or garden appliance. However, a third of the UK said they had been put off taking advantage of an incentive or gift with purchase because of […]

75 percent of British Adults Admit Purchase Decisions Changed by Rewards

Study finds point of sale decisions can swayed by right incentive10 July, 2017, London: 75 percent of British consumers admit that the right reward or incentive could shift their final purchase decision to buy from a competing brand at the point of sale. The independent study of 1,000 British adults, commissioned by 360insights, also found […]

Engaging Older Adults with Modern Technology

When it comes to owning and managing your business, bringing in as much revenue as possible is important. Bettering the lives of your customers may also motivate you. The truth is you cannot do either of these things without connecting with current and prospective clients. The world has changed a lot over the past few […]