Fed Chair Yellen warns against scrapping banking regulations made since 2008

US Fed Chair Janet Yellen has distanced herself from President Donald Trump, stressing that increased financial regulation since the 2008 global financial crisis has made the banking system healthier, essentially rejecting efforts by Republicans to scrap the 2010 Dodd-Frank law. “The events of the crisis demanded action, needed reforms were implemented and these reforms have […]

Banking On Trust

Let’s be honest, most people don’t trust banks any more, and that’s a problem. Coming out of the 2008 crisis people were angry, and rightfully so. Too many bankers cared only about filling their own pockets, regardless of the consequences or the risks. As a result, Americans paid a very heavy toll. While we have […]

The Banking Fight We Can Win Right Now

Bernie Sanders’ campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination energized millions of people with his straight talk about the need to take on the big banks, get corporate money out of politics and pass a financial transaction tax. Although not as strong as many of us would like, a good bit of the Sanders agenda made […]