How Being An Immigrant Helped Me Become A Better CEO

America is known as a land of not just opportunity, but also as a center of entrepreneurial innovation and a magnet for talent Small Business and Small Business America

It Isn’t Easy Being A ‘Humane’ Slaughterhouse

Although humane slaughter might sound like an oxymoron — like, say, “clean coal” — it’s a goal that some members of the meat industry take seriously.  Arion Thiboumery of the Vermont Packinghouse in North Springfield, Vermont, is one of them. The plant opened its doors three years ago and has been celebrated for its transparency […]

The fine line between friendly following and being a nuisance

Iā€™m having a rant again. This time about stalking. Or the fine line between friendly following and being a nuisance. These days I have to say my rants these days are far from aggressive, more that I feel miffed. Many years ago when I did my NLP training I created an anchor on my fingers. […]

Alan Alda on being a nervous wreck ā€“ and liking it

“Fear can make you come up with strengths you didn’t know you had.” Alan Alda explains the very real value of fear in his article How to Be a Nervous […] The post Alan Alda on being a nervous wreck – and liking it appeared first on TalentDevelop. TalentDevelop

Dallas Cowboys Fan Gets The Best Revenge After Being Dumped By Text

Four months after asking her to marry him, Brenna Clanton’s fiancé broke up with her ā€• via text. Unfortunately for the fiance, he missed out on an epic Christmas gift from Clanton: Two tickets to see the Dallas Cowboys’ home game against the Detroit Lions the day after Christmas. Clanton, 30, took her best friend […]