5 Credit Card Spending Habits to Help Minimize Debt

Credit cards, when used correctly, can do wonders for your financial life. Building a good credit score allows you to… The post 5 Credit Card Spending Habits to Help Minimize Debt appeared first on Biz Epic. Biz Epic

Private Jet Card Comparisons: A New Consumer-Centric Website For Buying A Private Jet Card

Private jet cards are often compared to debit cards in that a person pays money into an account, then as they fly, money is deducted out of the account.  It is the same way as when a customer goes to the grocery store and picks up food.  … via JustLuxe.com JustLuxe: Luxury News and Reviews

Supreme Court Weighs If Some Credit Card ‘Swipe’ Fees Violate The 1st Amendment

WASHINGTON ― The last thing the U.S. Supreme Court wants is to regulate how the corner bagel shop does business. The justices on Tuesday puzzled over a tricky case from New York that challenges a statute imposing criminal penalties on businesses that charge a slightly higher price to customers who choose to pay with credit […]

Protect Your Small Business Against Credit Card Fraud

You’ve probably heard of people stealing, buying and selling credit card information.  You don’t want your business to be the victim of such a transaction. But on any given day, your small business is now vulnerable. The cardholder’s issuing bank previously took care of these situations.  Previously. That’s the way it used to be.  Now […]