The Best Career Advice And Tips: Younger Bosses, Bad Fonts And Knowing When To Travel

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How To Transform Your Teenagers’ Career Prospects

‘INSPiRED Teenager’ – from the UK’s Top Careers Advisor – Offers an Online Toolkit For Savvy Parents To Max Their Teenagers’ Prospects A new online resource will enable parents to transform their own teenagers’ academic and vocational career prospects. The ‘INSPiRED Teenager’ programme is an eight-part video-based career coaching toolkit complete with a set of […]

Turbocharge Your Career This Year

Initial Thoughts on How to Turbocharge Your Career This Year If you are like most business professionals, chances are that you bought many books, tools and resources that you haven’t yet used. I can see you nodding your head, saying, “Yes.” I am nodding my head right along with you. When you think about it […]

How the noisy critic in your head is killing your career (& 3 ways to fix this)

How often do you hold back from applying for a role because that noisy critic in your head tells you “you’re not good enough“? How often do you look at other women at work and think “how does she do it?” How often do you sit down at the meeting table and hear that voice in your head […]

Second-Guessing Your Career? 4 Questions to Ask

Think back to your high school years. Remember that one kid who just seemed to have “it”? The classmate who everyone was sure would be a great success. Mine was smart and well-liked. He was a great athlete too. Let’s call him Stan to protect his identity. Stan talked a lot about his big plans. But to […]

5 essentials for ambitious women who want career confidence

When I talk to women privately (whether in a coaching session or just recently in conversations about my Career Confidence and Leadership Confidence programmes), I am always surprised (annoyed even) at how much a woman can lose confidence in herself and her abilities in the workplace. Why do women lack career confidence? It’s not that women lack […]

5 easy ways to boost career confidence at Christmas

How’s work? More specifically, how’s your career confidence doing? 66% of women experience a slump in career confidence in the run-up to Christmas. Curious isn’t it. 66%* of women experience a slump in career confidence in the run-up to Christmas. Why is that, you’re wondering. Maybe you didn’t get the bonus you expected. Your payrise was disappointing. Or […]

How to Blossom in a Career You Do Not Love

They say if you love your job, you will be successful. However, I don’t think this is the case. I don’t love my job. I don’t think many people truly love their jobs. There are times where I wake up and wonder ‘do I really need to go to work?’ Not loving your job comes […]

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