Patent Trolls Are Trolling Startups In Massachusetts — And We Need To Change That

In a recent episode of the HBO series “Silicon Valley,” Richard Hendricks is getting his tech startup off the ground when Small Business and Small Business America

UK could save £450 million a week by leaving the EU single market, Change Britain claims

The British economy could save up to £450 million a week by leaving the EU single market and customs union, claims the pro-Brexit pressure group ‘Change Britain’. The group says that the UK economy could be boosted by around £24 billion a year in the event of what it describes as a “clean Brexit” – […]

4 Ideas That Will Change Your Life & Put You On The Path To Unlimited Success.

1) Intuitive Power I was taught to separate my spirituality from my normal everyday success.  It was not the done thing to refer to God, higher power, universe, intuition and all of that woo woo ‘nonsense’.  In the circles, I moved in as a pharmacist, it was all about logic and being politically correct and not mentioning your beliefs and there was […]