5 Credit Card Spending Habits to Help Minimize Debt

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Increase In The Number Of Healthcare Professionals Seeking Help With Personal Debt

The number of healthcare professionals in debt and seeking help with their personal finances has increased by 9.8% over the last two years.In May 2017, of employed people seeking help with their personal finances, 7.38% worked in the healthcare industry, and of these 37.11% were nurses. This is up from 7.22% in May 2016, and […]

UK Personal Debt Index Maps Personal Debt Across The UK

Creditfix, the UK’s largest insolvency practice, compiles the UK Personal Debt Index (PDI). The quarterly report is put together following a survey of over 31,000 individuals, comparing the situation and locations of people across the UK currently receiving support to get out of debt. The number of young people (20-25 years old) receiving help and […]

Creditfix reveals top 20 postcodes with the highest percentage of people living in debt

The UK’s largest personal insolvency practice, Creditfix, has revealed the top 20 postcodes with the highest percentage of people living in debt and currently undertaking an IVA/PTD. Individuals living in Motherwell, Kilmarnock and Glasgow top the list, closely followed by South East London and Plymouth.According to new nationwide data from Creditfix, the top 20 postcode […]

Treasury Rebuffs Democratic Senators’ Plan To Help Disabled Americans With Student Debt

WASHINGTON ― The Treasury Department has rejected a request by congressional Democrats to guarantee that impoverished, severely disabled Americans will not face a tax penalty for discharging student debt, according to an aide to a Democratic senator who had been advocating the measure. Treasury representatives on Wednesday informed the staff of several Democratic senators that […]

The Old Debt And Entitlement Charade

The establishment gang is trying to pull a big one over on the public yet again. One of the designated topics for the last presidential debate goes under the heading, “debt and entitlements.” This should have people upset for several reasons. The first is simply the use of the term “entitlements.” While this has a […]

5 Ways to Avoid Student Debt this School Year

A new school year is upon us and the streets are filled with crowds of eager fresh-faces hurrying to college classes in crisp new fall wardrobes, $ 5 lattes in hand, and blissfully unaware that their financial freedom is creeping further and further out of reach. Student debt is one of financial freedom’s most dangerous […]

5 Things You Should Know As Puerto Rico Confronts Its Next Unpayable Debt

Puerto Rico owes its creditors $ 422 million on May 1, and the island will likely not be able to make the full payment, according to many experts. That is a relatively small portion of the $ 70 billion debt burden that Puerto Rico’s government owes its external lenders. But default will likely subject Puerto Rico […]