The More Women In The Operating Room, The Better It Is For Doctors And Patients

As more women are becoming surgeons, the surgical field is changing. Healthy Living

Addicted doctors

House [Dr. Greg House of tv series “House M.D.” – played by Hugh Laurie] began taking pills for chronic pain after developing an infarction in his right leg… But while the drug habit was treated merely as a character quirk until now, it’s about to become a full-on vice. “House is an addict, and we […]

E-health and e-patients in the UK: life outside the doctor’s surgery

Madrid, 20th October 2015 – People Who,, is a new online platform for anyone affected by an illness in the UK, whether they themselves have been diagnosed or they care for someone who lives with the illness. On the 20th October, World Statistics Day, they share the preliminary findings of their first European E-Patient […]