Daring to write fiction: interview with Susan K. Perry

Interview by Douglas Eby A social psychologist, Susan K. Perry is also author of many articles, essays, reviews, and Q&A columns. Her non-fiction books include “Writing In Flow” and a […] Talent Development Resources

Evaluating Trump’s Immigration Plan: Facts To Bring Down A Wall Of Fiction

In the past few weeks, Donald Trump’s zig-zags on his immigration positions have been dizzying for the public. Because of his unconventional presidential campaign style, he has managed, thus far, to avoid the usual scrutiny and analysis that all candidates normally face. For us in the Latino and immigrant community, his speech in Arizona represents […]

The Tomb: The Fiction Book That Changed My Life

As a teen in the 1980s, finding something that wasn’t Stephen King, or a bonkbuster was pretty tough. Sure, there was plenty of Sweet Valley High to read, or the Survivalist… But Cujo and It had more attraction than preppy American twins or  the U.S. super soldier falling in love with two women at the […]