How to Find Your ‘Why’ and Commit Before You Quit

We’ve all felt stuck, needed a change, and maybe even probed for a new source of energy without any avail? If this strikes a chord, it’s time to commit to a new direction. The challenge is that commitment isn’t something you wake up with; it’s something you choose. It seems that before we commit to […]

How to Find a Professional Voice for Your Content

Finding your professional voice for your content is one of the most important things you will do for your business. It’s the one major factor in helping you find your audience as well. Or, really helping your audience find you. Plus, it’s really hard to keep up a fake persona. So why not just figure […]

73% of luxury brands find maintaining exclusivity and aspiration on social media their biggest challenge

Social influencers are at the forefront, shaping digital communications for the fashion and beauty industries, yet luxury brands are far from realising the full potential of influencer marketing, finds the new Fashion and Beauty Monitor report produced in association with Econsultancy. London, United Kingdom (17 May, 2017). Fashion and Beauty Monitor, the leading influencer marketing […]