The Corporate Startup: Five Lessons Established Businesses can Take from The Startup World

The digital and borderless nature of the global economy means that threat and opportunity abound. Most established businesses are being… The post The Corporate Startup: Five Lessons Established Businesses can Take from The Startup World appeared first on Biz Epic. Biz Epic

Leftover Items From A Long Season? Teams Give Fans A Worthwhile Spin…

All professional sports seasons are long, and the endless promotions that go on fill large storage rooms before, during, and sometimes after with lots and lots of stuff. Sometimes in a sport like baseball you get a rainout, and all that merch sits waiting for something to happen. Sometimes a sponsor over delivers on items, […]

Flood Insurance Could Save People From Financial Ruin, So Why Don’t We All Have It?

Eighty percent of Houston homeowners lacked coverage against the effects of Harvey. Healthy Living

From Tennis To NBA, The Value Of The Patch Stays In Play…

Patches, who cares about patches? If you are a brand that is looking for a quick splash, sometimes without explanation, then finding your way through a patch is an interesting disruptive way in, although with the NBA, at least on the team side in the US, that is about to be amended more than a […]

Community, Authenticity, Consistency And “The Sheep Consumer;” Lessons From the Next Generation

One of the most important assets to growth, and one of the most underrated, is the ability or the want to never stop learning. It doesn’t matter from who or from what, but the quest to keep trying and finding new things is what makes every day interesting and leads you to places you never […]

Quotes from the Book Peace of Mind in Daily Life

Quotes Directory >> Peace of Mind in Daily Life Peace of mind is a state of mental and emotional calmness, which you can learn to cultivate. In this state, you … Continue Reading… Success Consciousness Blog