ITC Mughal Agra is a Gorgeous Home Base for Visiting India’s Seventh Wonder of the World

India is arguably the most interesting country in the world. A symphonic melee of cultures, cuisines, and climates make it a destination of many destinations with countless experiences to discover. … via JustLuxe: LuxuryTravel News

Fresh Nut Milk at Home in as Little as 30 Seconds

Plant-based milk alternatives have been on the rise over the years for lactose-intolerant and milk drinkers alike.  … via JustLuxe: Luxury News and Reviews

Tommy Hilfiger’s 7-Bedroom Florida Beach Home Listed for $27.5M

If you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to live like fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, you’re in luck, the American fashion designer just put his Florida estate now on the market. The 14,075-square-foot beachfront residence is locate… via JustLuxe: Luxury News and Reviews

Are “Hometels” the Future of Home Sharing?

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5 Home Office Ideas To Help You Be More Productive

A few weeks ago we took the kids to London and as normally happens when out and about with little people we had to make quite a few toilet stops. Conveniently we were very close to my husband’s office at one point when we heard the inevitable cry of ‘I need a wee’, so we […]

Spike TV, Boxers Hit Home In Cause Marketing For Flint

Sometimes with all the hoop and hype around athletics we forget that sport can actually help move the needle and bring action to key causes through the power of media and celebrity. This weekend, Viacom, Spike TV and two elite athletes will do just that for the people of Flint, Michigan. On Friday in Atlantic […]