Outdoor Space is a Major Componant of San Diego Commercial Real Estate

Outdoor space now plays a major role in new business parks and renovations of older campuses. The concept of working… The post Outdoor Space is a Major Componant of San Diego Commercial Real Estate appeared first on Biz Epic. Biz Epic

Six Senses’ Remote Island Resort is Giving Us Major Wanderlust

Unless you know your geography very, very well, you may have no clue where Félicité Island is located. The small, granitic archipelago sits two miles east of La Digue Island in Seychelles, Africa and served as a coconut plantation in the … via JustLuxe.com JustLuxe: LuxuryTravel News

7 Reasons Funding Food Startups is Trending for Major Corporations

Major corporations and venture capitalists (VC) are investing in food startups more than ever. Society’s eating habits are changing and with that, the food industry needs to make changes as well. Some major corporations, such as breakfast cereal brands, are removing unhealthy and undesirable ingredients from their products to meet society’s demands for healthier food […]

5 Major Health Mistakes Donald Trump Is Making

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump boasts about his “tremendous” health, but a few of his habits suggest there may be some room for improvement. Research shows that physical and mental well-being contribute to better leadership, more appropriate decision-making and better emotional regulation. In other words? They’re crucial to becoming a viable candidate who is […]

ISPCC Childline and Vodafone Ireland Foundation Announce Major New Partnership

Working to Keep Children Safe by Keeping Them Connected4th February 2016 ISPCC Childline and the Vodafone Ireland Foundation are delighted to announce a major five year partnership that aims to keep children safe by keeping them connected. The Partnership will;provide the charity with €2 million in direct funding from the Vodafone Foundation over five yearsprovide […]