Now Your Kid Can Drive a Tesla Model S

Radio Flyer and Tesla have partnered up to create a one-seater Model S just for kids and it’s almost as cool as the real thing. The lithium ion battery-run toy is customizable, enabling you to choose the paint color, performance style, accessorie… via JustLuxe: Luxury News and Reviews

The Entrepreneurial Role Model

Who is your entrepreneurial role model? Is it Henry Ford – perhaps Andrew Carnegie? Why is the person you chose the entrepreneur who you look up to? Did they donate millions to charity or did they teach you that failure isn’t permanent? Whoever you look up to in the world of business, you don’t look […]

Elon Musk Adds “Ludicrous” Mode to Turn the Model S Into a Private Roller Coaster

Earlier today, Elon Musk dropped a bomb on Tesla fans by announcing that the Model S will be getting a new mode. Sure, “Insane” mode was gr… via JustLuxe: Luxury News and Reviews