Patent Trolls Are Trolling Startups In Massachusetts — And We Need To Change That

In a recent episode of the HBO series “Silicon Valley,” Richard Hendricks is getting his tech startup off the ground when Small Business and Small Business America

4 Success-Killing Personality Flaws You Need to Banish Permanently

There are a number of bad habits we all develop over the years that can make us sink or swim… The post 4 Success-Killing Personality Flaws You Need to Banish Permanently appeared first on Biz Epic. Biz Epic

How to Choose Which Software You Need

All businesses have five major parts. They are: 1. The product/service – The value you create for your customers 2. Marketing – How you attract the attention of your audience to build demand for the value you’ve created 3. Sales – Taking leads via your marketing efforts and turning them into customers 4. Delivery – […]

Do You Really Need a Marketing Plan? 

It’s tempting to try to run your business without a plan. It may seem like you can just get up each day and do what you want to do and the business will be successful. While that sometimes does happen, it’s not likely. The main reason most businesses fail is due to lack of a […]

Do You Need a License to Operate Your Business?

The truth is, pretty much every business – whether it is home based or not – needs some form of business license to be legitimate. In most cases you cannot get a business bank account if you don’t have a license. However, localities have different rules and may actually waive the requirement for certain types […]