Increase In The Number Of Healthcare Professionals Seeking Help With Personal Debt

The number of healthcare professionals in debt and seeking help with their personal finances has increased by 9.8% over the last two years.In May 2017, of employed people seeking help with their personal finances, 7.38% worked in the healthcare industry, and of these 37.11% were nurses. This is up from 7.22% in May 2016, and […]

Monster Energy Mashes Up Its Athletes in Personal Marketing Experiences

Monster Energy’s marketing does not involve splashy TV campaigns, giant billboards or Super Bowl halftime shows. The brand lets its spokespeople carry the water – er, supercharged caffeinated energy drink. Extreme sports is central to that approach. As Monster says on its web site, “We choose to support the scene and our athletes. Who dreams […]

Satellite Headphones Aim to be the High Def Personal Audio System You Have to Have

Blue Microphone has done to headphones what Apple did to the cell phone. Their latest product, Satellite, features a cutting-edge tech, high-quality audiophile experience t… via JustLuxe: Luxury News and Reviews

Can self-esteem distort our personal development?

Our self-concept, positive self-regard and simply confidence, are key influences on how fully we realize our talents. We do need to feel good about who we are to passionately pursue […] The post Can self-esteem distort our personal development? appeared first on TalentDevelop. TalentDevelop

Eradicate the risk of retailer insolvency with LoveFromMe, the personal and tangible way to gift money

Avoid the risk that your gift voucher becomes worthless if a retailer goes into insolvencyA radical new way to gift money, free from the risk of retailer insolvency, has been launched in the UK. LoveFromMe is a personalised gift card scheme which can be redeemed anywhere in the World that accepts MasterCard.Thish De Zoysa, Co-founder […]

UK Personal Debt Index Maps Personal Debt Across The UK

Creditfix, the UK’s largest insolvency practice, compiles the UK Personal Debt Index (PDI). The quarterly report is put together following a survey of over 31,000 individuals, comparing the situation and locations of people across the UK currently receiving support to get out of debt. The number of young people (20-25 years old) receiving help and […]