LoveFromMe, The Personal and Tangible Way to Gift Money Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on Seedrs

Personalised gift cards you can spend anywhere in the world that accepts MasterCardA £350,000 equity crowdfunding round has been launched on Seedrs by LoveFromMe, a personalised gift card scheme which can be redeemed anywhere.Available to spend online and in-store at over 30 million locations around the world that accept MasterCard, LoveFromMe is changing the face […]

Cinematherapy – use movies for personal growth

The latest form of bibliotherapy Being mindfully aware of our reactions to movies can be a potent way to explore our inner life, and enhance our mental health and personal […] Talent Development Resources

Why Your Personal Trainer Will Not Change Your Life

Today, being a fitness instructor or personal trainer is not only about guiding workouts, but also about keeping your Instagram flowing (with perfectly edited snapshots of meals, tons of before and afters, and loads of “fitspo”). It seems like anyone who is involved in the fitness world is also heavily dedicated to their social media […]

What Is Personal Growth and Why You Need It

You might have come across the term personal growth and wondered what it means. Personal growth is also called self-improvement and self-growth. What is personal growth? This term refers to various techniques for improving one’s habits, behavior, actions and reactions. Here are a few examples to clarify what is personal growth: Learning to control anger […]

Something beautiful and personal to unwrap

The photo calendar is the perfect gift for 2015!FotoInsight explains why the printed photo calendar is, even in the digital age, one of the most popular gift ideas.Weeks used to pass between the moment of taking a picture to being able to show that snap to friends; in the age of Facebook, Pinterest and Flickr, […]