7 Ways to Attract Positive Energy

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How to Live a Positive Lifestyle

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How to Stay Positive in Negative Situations

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4 Tips to Stay Positive Around Negative People

Negative people suck our energy and if you are not armed with ideas to handle them, you would be surely depleting your reservoir of positivity. However, you don’t need to move a hill to fight them. Just try these 4 simple tips to stay positive even when you are surrounded by negative folks around you. […]

How to Create a Positive Mindset: 6 Strategies to Overcome Negative Thoughts

Your perception of reality is founded upon the beliefs that you’ve adopted about yourself and the way the world works, and your beliefs create your thoughts, whether they are positive, or negative. These beliefs have a tremendous impact on your circumstances. Your beliefs affect your thoughts, emotions, habits, and actions. Due to the fact that […]

23 Ways to Protect Your Positive Mood from Negative Co-Workers

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How to Focus on the Positive and Avoid the Negative

“Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses.” – Alphonse Karr This is a wise saying. Some people see the positive in a situation, and others see the negative. It is all about the point of view. For one person, something might be pleasant, but for the other, it […]