Entrepreneur Struggle – 2015 My Year in Review

I shudder as I think about summarizing my year in writing – seeing it there staring back at me. It’s scary to rehash. Bottom line, being an entrepreneur is damn hard, crazy wonderful, and terribly frustrating all at the same… The post Entrepreneur Struggle – 2015 My Year in Review appeared first on Perfect Marketing […]

Unlimited Abundance Program by Christie Marie Sheldon – My Review

I am huge fan of personal development books, because they are the ones that opened up me to a new world. No wonder, my home is full of self-help books 🙂 Apart from books, there is another format of information consumption that really allowed me to enrich myself and grow, is the ‘audio’ format. Thanks […]

Review: Derren Brown Miracle

Going to a Derren Brown show as a qualified hypnotherapist is a bit of a double edged sword. He’s fascinating, and funny, and gets his audience to do some amazing things, but I know pretty much how he does most of his stuff, but at least I get to see it live. The hubby and […]

my bee natural – product review

Some of you may remember that back in April I reviewed the belly bar from honey house naturals, well this month I have been lucky enough to receive some more of their products to review. This month they have sent me 3 products, a lip balm, a hand and body moisturiser and a bee bar […]