Purple Turf, Moss and Soccer, Cuban Fights The Refs; Some Fun April Fool’s Stunts

Maybe it’s because we have all become too politically correct, or maybe it’s because there is sooo much time spent on trying to be the most techno-savvy we can be that the simple, grassroots and fun promotions aren’t as fun or “interesting” as they once were. For whatever reason, even with all the opportunities available […]

For a person that has a computer, an Internet connection, and a strong desire to start their own business, what are some prime opportunities to explore in 2017?

We have insanely powerful new technologies with AI and Machine Learning, and huge sums of data being collected that we can leverage to our advantage. In the 1990s, we needed to write millions of lines of code for software to accomplish simple things like booking dental appointments. If you look at all various areas of […]

7 Restaurants with Some of the Best Views in the World

At these seven restaurants around the world, the food is just as magnificent as the landscape. And luckily, the views are on the house. Don’t let your food get too cold while you’re off taking pictures… … via JustLuxe.com JustLuxe: Luxury News and Reviews