Millennials and their mobiles matter most, and they’re voting with their money

UK millennials have surpassed all other demographics to become the most valuable group for financial institutions, Telstra global report finds5 July 2017, London – A new global report released by Telstra reveals that United Kingdom (UK) millennials have become the most valuable demographic group for financial institutions with UK millennials’ average wallet size[1] now 40 […]

Silicon Valley Startup Takes Aim At Mom-And-Pop Stores, First By Stealing Their Name

“This is sacrilegious, what they’re doing,” says a representative for bodegas. Small Business and Small Business America

Millennials And Their Mobiles Now The UK’s Most Valuable Demographic Group Says Telstra

A unique global report prepared by telecoms giants Telstra – involving 27,000 consumers across eight countries – has revealed that the millennial generation is now the most critical demographic grouping of people across the UK in terms of their “wallet size”. They have overtaken other generations in terms of their economic influence and attraction to […]

Sports Illustrated Unveils Their New, Exclusive Swimwear Brand at SWIMMIAMI

Some like it hot, but Miami always likes it hotter. Naturally, this makes the tropical city the perfect place to host the year's hottest swim-themed fashion event.  … via JustLuxe: Fashion News

Democrats Rediscover Their True Progressive Roots

The party’s new economic plan is a thinly-veiled return to the party’s early 20th century progressive roots. Small Business and Small Business America