5 Crucial Things Every Brand Needs for Success

Having a great product or service isn’t enough to succeed. You have to build a strong brand if you want to be prosperous. It takes time and hard work to have an effective, consistent message. However, here are a few common elements needed to build a brand and be successful. Audience knowledge Regardless of the […]

12 Things Truly Confident People Do Differently

Confidence takes many forms, from the arrogance of Floyd Mayweather to the quiet self-assurance of Jane Goodall. True confidence Healthy Living

4 Things to Do When Starting a Small Business

Starting a business from scratch requires big thinking because it’s a massive undertaking. There’s no simple path to getting your… The post 4 Things to Do When Starting a Small Business appeared first on Biz Epic. Biz Epic

8 Things Every Woman Should Know Before Trying Kink

Kinky sex can be a bit intimidating: it includes everything from bondage to BDSM and role play. Fortunately, you don’t have to jump into a life of sadomasochism to try out kink (you totally can if you’d like, though). HuffPost spoke with Babeland co-founder Claire Cavanah to get some tips for women who want to get […]

Thank you, Terrifying Things

I’ve come to welcome that flutter of anxiety, the sensation of shrinking inside and vertigo that is how I experience fear. Now I try to breathe into it, to welcome it as an infallible sign that I’m on the brink of a marvellous new adventure. It’s not let me down yet. The post Thank you, […]