This Intense Video Will Make You Really, Really Want To Go Kiteboarding

Any sport that enables you to fly over land and glide on water has our attention. Damn, you look fun, kiteboarding. In a video posted May 28 to YouTube, professional kiteboarder Sam Light makes it look like a dream. Watch Light take wing and then touch down for a slide across the water or a bit […]

How To Get Whatever You Want From Your Life and Business

Everyone wants something.  Most people get to the point in life where they stop believing it is possible to have whatever they want.  I did that for a while and then decided that the other option was just not all that great! Going to work doing the whole pharmacist thing was just plain boring and […]

All I Want Is a Good Night’s Sleep

James T. Webb, Ph.D. writes: “It has been my experience that gifted and talented persons are more likely to experience a type of depression referred to as existential depression.  “Although […] The post All I Want Is a Good Night’s Sleep appeared first on TalentDevelop. TalentDevelop

5 essentials for ambitious women who want career confidence

When I talk to women privately (whether in a coaching session or just recently in conversations about my Career Confidence and Leadership Confidence programmes), I am always surprised (annoyed even) at how much a woman can lose confidence in herself and her abilities in the workplace. Why do women lack career confidence? It’s not that women lack […]